Sept/ Oct Entertainment Schedule

Tues, 9/27- Carl Stuck 9pm

Wed, 9/28- Sean Sullivan 9pm

Thurs, 9/29- Kevin & Lauren 9pm

Fri, 9/30- Kevin & Lauren Full Band 

Sat, 10/1- Deadline 10pm

Sun, 10/2- Doug Pinson 9pm

Mon, 10/3- Matt Moore 9pm

Tues, 10/4- Lauren Eid 9pm

Wed, 10/5- Laila & Pat 9pm

Thurs, 10/6- Kevin & Lauren Duo 9pm

Fri, 10/7- Dean Heckel (Happy Hour 6pm) 

Gravel Switch 10pm

Sat, 10/8- Some Kind of Saint 10pm

Sun, 10/9- Rachel Oldham 9pm

Mon, 10/10- Matt Moore 9pm

Tues, 10/11- Carl Stuck 9pm

Wed, 10/12- FLAW w/ special guest Tyler Road 9pm

Thurs, 10/13- Kevin & Lauren Duo 9pm

Fri, 10/14- Guns N Roses Tribute: Pretty Tied up featuring Wyld Ryde

Sat, 10/15- Smells Like the 90’s 10pm

Sun, 10/16- Doug Pinson 9pm

Mon, 10/17- Matt Moore 9pm

Tues, 10/18- Lauren Eid 9pm

Wed, 10/19- Laila & Pat 9pm

Thurs, 10/20- Kevin & Lauren Duo 9pm

Fri, 10/21- The Ultimate Alice In Chains Tribute: Facelift 9pm (Inside Stage)  

Sat, 10/22- The Ultimate Alice in Chains Tribute: Facelift 9pm (Inside Stage) 

Smash Alley 10pm (Outside Stage) 

Sun, 10/23- Rachel Oldham 9pm

Mon. 10/24- Matt Moore 9pm

Tues, 10/25- Carl Stuck 9pm

Wed, 10/26- Sean Sullivan 9pm

Thurs, 10/27- Kevin & Lauren 9pm

Fri, 10/28- Bottoms Up 10pm

Sat, 10/29- Nightmare on Frankfort Ave Halloween Party featuring Freddy and the Cruegers and Naked Garden. Halloween Costume Contest @ Midnight!! 

Sun, 10/30- Doug Pinson 9pm

Mon, 10/31- Matt Moore 9pm